Fort Wayne Wedding Chapel            

Fort Wayne Wedding Chapel
4444 Hillegas Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46818
Phone: (260) 483.9846


Fort Wayne Wedding Chapel

The Fort Wayne Wedding Chapel was established in Fort Wayne, Indiana in December of 2008. Presently, we are performing private weddings in the Fort Wayne area at locations selected by the couple. Our hopes and dreams will be to build a private wedding chapel.

We will assist you in writing your wedding vows and helping you choose a location for your marriage ceremony to take place. We can provide wedding services in Fort Wayne whether your location is simple or unique. Want to get married while flying in a airplane? We can do that. Want a marriage at your home? We can do that, too.


Q) Do I have to take classes?
A) No, unless you desire pre marital classes.

Q) Do I need witnesses at my wedding?
A) No, Indiana does not require it, but you are encouraged to have witnesses.

Q) Do you file the Marriage License?
A) Yes.

Q) What is the fee?
A) Our fee is $75.00 but is adjustable upon more duties you want us to perform.

Q) Are you an ordained Reverend?
A) Yes we are ordained through the World Christianship Ministries.

Q) Do you have references?
A) Yes.